Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Prepare your Aliya now! Learn Hebrew on-line!

While everyone else is wasting time going to different places, and trying to deal with the problems of eating kosher food, you can be home and studying Hebrew in preparation for your next trip to Israel, or your Aliya!

I teach Hebrew on-line  I can help you to learn Hebrew from the beginning, I use a variety of different texts and approaches depending upon YOUR needs.

Then when you come to Israel, you will be able to speak and feel more comfortable!  If you do go to Ulpan, you can enter at a higher level and get even better prepared to go into the REAL world of Israel either studying at University or getting a REAL job in Your Field.

So go here: http://live-hebrew.net/  And choose Rachael as your Hebrew Teacher!!

Here is one of the books that I use. I can even go buy it for you and send it to you before we start lessons!  Or you can get it on Amazon   It is best to have a teacher, so I can help you with pronunciation and all the questions that you will have!

See you in Class!