Friday, July 20, 2018

Video: Learn English with Movies - With Subtitles - The Incredibles

This is a clip from a popular movie, The Incredibles!  
First, watch the clip without subtitles, see how much you can understand. 
Then watch the second part with subtitles. 
Look at the vocabulary, as it scrolls on the screen, and then the original clip will come up again. 

Yikes - expression of shock
carnivore - an animal that eats meat
 disected - take apart a dead animal 
the office - in school, it is the prinipal's office - kids are sent there after they do things against the rules. 
a tack - a small flat headed sharp nail for attaching notices to a bulletin board 
barely, - not much 
got away with it, - didn't get in trouble 
booking - idiom to go very fast. 
encouraging - to be in favor of
Honey a term of affection of husbands, wives, partners 

Why does Dash's mother ask his father to cut the meat? 
Why is the father reading at the table? What is he reading from? 
Why does the boy try to distract his father? 
What happened in school? 

Homework - Talk about this with your teacher
Write about a time that you wanted to hide something that you did from your parents.
What was the action? Was the action forbidden?
Did you finally tell your parents? If you did tell them, what was their reaction?

by Rachael Alice Orbach 
Professional English teacher 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Don't have time to Advertise? Let me do it for you!

Do you need to advertise an Event, Sale or Public Service?  I will do it for you.  
for 35NIS:  payable by paypal - Essek Patur Business recept will be e-mailed to you. 

A blog post on the Jerusalem Business Blog  
posting on: GivatShaulKiryatMosheJerusalemGroup@groups.io
KiryatSefer Yahoogroup
LuachYerushalaim Facebook Group

French language group: service_israelien_francophone@yahoogroups.com  

Of course the post will also go up on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest. 

Please provide a picture to go with your post! Posts with pictures get more attention than those without. 

Service_Israelien_Francophone is a Public Group with 36 members.

Prompt service posting on the day of your choice (Not on Shabbat).

e-mail to lifecoachjerusalem@gmail.com to post your advertisement. 
Good Luck for your Event, sale, or public announcement!

Rachael Alice Orbach

Monday, June 11, 2018

Yamaha Flute 211S for sale Brand New!

Just in from Japan!

If you want to start playing the flute, you don't have to rent, you can get this brand new Yamaha 211S!  It comes in a beautiful case, case cover, with cleaning rod , covers for the joints.

Now let me tell you how it plays!  Wow, for a student flute it is great.  All the notes come out perfectly from the low C to the high notes.    The finish is bright and shiny and you will feel like a King or Queen playing this flute!

The cost for this flute is only 1500 NIS,   Did I say it is brand new? This is the cost for a USED flute!
Get this flute and start to play NOW, before the Chagim!  You will be able to play songs in the Sukka if you start now!!

If you buy this flute you will love it and maybe not want to step up to another one!

You can also take Flute lessons with me, Rachael Alice.
SMS is the best way to get ahold of me, as I teach most of the time.

So: 0587500608 SMS or What'sApp  is the best!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

New Electronic Dance Song takes the Blues in a Different Direction!

Music is our lives and our directions move as the music moves us. 
This is a new song from Rachael Alice Orbach - just recorded today due to the wonders of Modern Technology! 

We at the Jerusalem Business Blog have the chance to interview Rachael as she releases the new Blues for the Future! 

JBB: What is the new trend in Music today, Rachael? 

R:  The new trend is to take the old music of the past and update it. 

JBB: Tell us about this particular track, I notice it has Electronic music, guitar and harmonica. 

R. The electronic is the background, and it was written as an accompliment to another blues song, but in the end it didn't really fit that other format, so I left it on my laptop until I had other inspiration.  The guitar part really blends into the background, but you can still hear it as a solo on top of the background. 
Today I had inspiration to play the harmonica to the combo and I improvised on top of everything.  So there are two live instruments on this song, Guitar and Harmonica 

JBB:  And how do you produce all this music? 

R: Well the background is composed using Music Master Works a music writing software, and I put each note by itself into the program, I listen for the chords and I feel it.  Sometimes I do one track at a time, and other times I can do all the tracks of a song at the same time. 

JBB: What about the video, where do you get all the pictures? 

R: For this video they are pictures that I took with my phone, of places in Jerusalem, that are in a frame.  You can see the place that I am, looking out to another place.  See if you can guess which places are in the video. 

JBB: Interesting.  Why are some of your songs on YouTube and other on iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, SoundCloud and other sites? 

R: Well not everyone likes to watch a video, they also want to listen on their phones without taking too much bandwidth, though I actually had one person ask me for a CD, but if there were  1000 people asking then I would make them, but with only one, it isn't worth it  . . yet. 

JBB:  Well we at the Jerusalem Business Blog wish you lots of luck with your music!  When you all at home, or (work) watch the new song, be sure to give a Thumbs UP, like and subscribe!   

If you have a new releases that you would like us to review, or you would like to be interviewed, contact us at the Jerusalem Business Blog
click here:  Jerusalem Business Blog

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

On-line Gemach, 3 Barbie dolls, 2 NIS for all 3!

On-line Gemach

Just in 3 Barbie dolls for you, 2 NIS for all 3, include the clothes! If your girls love dolls, they will love these, The two on the end, sing a duet together that is very a uplifting song.  The dolls are in good condition, maybe their hair needs to be brushed, but every little girl will love to do that! 

Local Pickup  SMS  or What'sApp to 0587500608, e-mail rachael5760@yahoo.com. Free pickup.
Will mail to anywhere in the world, exact cost of shipping and wrapping, + 5% paypal fee.

Get these dolls for your Girls NOW! 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

13 Reasons Why - not to watch this show

If you don't have Netflix then you can disregard this post.  But if you do have it and you have teenage children, then pay attention very carefully.
This show is in its second year, and portrays a teenager who commits suicide.  They talk about the girl and you know that she already did it.

I hope that the second season will be less problematic, but I don't know. I don't really want to watch the series, It needs to be addressed with a psychologist and social workers in attendance, not just a TV series.

 This is not a topic for kids to watch.

In order to complain, go to this link and "chat" with a representative and write that you want this program off the air.


According to research there were more suicide attempts and check-ins to mental hospitals last year than the year before.  And we don't really know how many real suicides there really were.

So it is a good idea to talk about this subject, but not to have teens watch this.  I have already voiced my opinion about this show and you should too!

This is my opinion,
Rachael Alice Orbach 

Monday, May 14, 2018

On-Line Gemach Clifford the Big Red Dog stuffed animal 2 NIS

When my kids were young I used to read them bedtime stories every night! So one series that was a favorite was the Clifford the Big Red Dog series! 

 Get it on Amazon!    Clifford the Big Red Dog

So this is the book and then we got the toy to play with while reading the book.  So today we have the  book that you can get from Amazon, and the toy that  you can get from the Gemach!

He is small size and just right for little hands to play with. 

2 NIS for local pickup or exact shipping , wrapping and 5% paypal fee. 

Have fun with Clifford the Big Red Dog!  

Sunday, May 13, 2018

On-LIne Gemach Leonardo Da Vinci book 2 NIS

 Today you get to have this book, about Leonardo Da Vinci! 
Everything you wanted to know about him, at an easy English level!  If you read this book, you can be the expert on Leonardo! When was he born, what did he do?  Just all the facts! 

for more details:  write to: ON-LINE Gemach

Local Free Pickup, or shipping all over the world, -  postage packaging, and 5% Paypal Fees.

Want to be able to be the heart of the nurds?  Read this book!! 

If you like Ruth Zimberg: here is another book that she has written: https://amzn.to/2wLqWNR 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

On-Line Gemach - 16 white wire hangers 2 NIS

Now if you are like me, you might be used to these wire hangers.  They don't take up much room in the closet and are very easy to deal with, they don't break the way that the plastic hangers do.

So, today I have these white wire hangers for you!  2 NIS!

Same terms, free local pickup, if you want them shipped, then exact shipping and the packaging + 5% paypal fees.

Contact: On-Line Gemach

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

On-line Gemach 2NIS Winnie the Pooh Puppet

On-line Gemach  2NIS  Winnie the Pooh Puppet 
 For your viewing pleasure: Here is a Winne the Pooh puppet, Comes with the T-Shirt, He is soft and fluffy!
 Close up of his face:
The back.  He is ready to play with your child or to use in a show!

contact by e-mail: On-Line Gemach e-mail

Local pickup is free, Can be shipped to any address in the world, Cost is exact shipping + envelope and paypal fees.  Can be combined with any other product from the Gemach! 

Thanks for Viewing!

Friday, May 4, 2018

On-line Gemach - Lace coverup, Gray, size large 2 NIS

On-line Gemach - Lace coverup, Gray, size large 2 NIS

This is a very soft gray lace cover-up, it doesn't look very good flat, but when it is on, it looks really great! 

Here is Rachael, modeling the lace cover-up. 
2 NIS as usual, free local pick-up.  We can also ship to anywhere in the world, but you will have to add packaging, postage and paypal fee. 
Thanks for looking! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On-line Gemach Light blue T-Shirt 2 NIS

Today we have a light blue T-shirt for you. 100%  Cotton,soft feel, size 14 kids, boys or girls . It has the emblem of a school, in white on the bottom right side, can barely see it.  Crew neck.

Look on the pictures, it is a nice shirt for the summer or year round.

As usual, the price is only 2 NIS, free local pickup 

If you would like me to ship this item, the cost will be the exact mailing cost,
 plus packagaing and paypal fees. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

On-line Gemach Purple Hoodie 2 NIS

In Jerusalem the tradition of Gemach (acts of loving kindness) is very important. But the major problem is that you have to go there when the Gemach is open. But now there is a Gemach that is open 24/7! On-Line, of course! The Jerusalem On-Line Gemach in memory of Yehoushua Ben Zev is now open for your pleasure. You can look at videos of each item that is for sale at a symbolic price. 

Today we have a purple Hoodie Brand Hoodie jacket, purple for you.  Size M.  

 As usual 2 NIS for local pickup. 

Front zipped


front unzipped. 
 As you can see, it fits a medium sized woman perfectly!

E-mail: On-Line Gemach e-mail today and arrange a pickup (free)  or pay for delivery. 
 The cost will be exact shipping charge, packaging  and paypal fees. 

Please pay this forward if you know of anyone who might want this item!