Monday, November 13, 2017

The Israel Tax Authority is on limited strike.

Am I the only one who is angry at the Israel Tax Authority?  I just need two little forms so I can get paid next week when I and my husband do a concert at Beit Tovei HaIr on November 18th at 7:00pm. 

(shameless plug)   But I will probably be playing flute. 
So I go there and wait in line, and when I get to the office that I need to go, they tell me that I don't need to get the form.  I don't think so,  I have always gotten these forms when I need to be paid by a one off.  

So I ask for a way to get on the Internet, she gives me a phone number, but there is no choice to get on the Internet.  No person to speak to.  

If the people there don't want to work, so fire them and get honest workers who really need a job and are willing to work.  I am paid by the hour.  so if I don't work, I don't get paid.  

I'll go to work there.  I can work a computer.  . . 

My 2 cents worth!