Monday, June 11, 2018

Yamaha Flute 211S for sale Brand New!

Just in from Japan!

If you want to start playing the flute, you don't have to rent, you can get this brand new Yamaha 211S!  It comes in a beautiful case, case cover, with cleaning rod , covers for the joints.

Now let me tell you how it plays!  Wow, for a student flute it is great.  All the notes come out perfectly from the low C to the high notes.    The finish is bright and shiny and you will feel like a King or Queen playing this flute!

The cost for this flute is only 1500 NIS,   Did I say it is brand new? This is the cost for a USED flute!
Get this flute and start to play NOW, before the Chagim!  You will be able to play songs in the Sukka if you start now!!

If you buy this flute you will love it and maybe not want to step up to another one!

You can also take Flute lessons with me, Rachael Alice.
SMS is the best way to get ahold of me, as I teach most of the time.

So: 0587500608 SMS or What'sApp  is the best!