Monday, June 19, 2017

Supermarkets are open in Tel Aviv on Shabbat!! :(

I found this out recently by reading the French news here in Israel and I am very surprised that this is like a non-issue!

As an immigrant, who was discriminated against in the United States because I didn't want to work on Shabbat, that the Jewish State, which has United Torah Judaism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-fourth_government_of_Israel  in the government, to allow this fragrant violation of Shabbat is a SHANDA!   

The Sufersal chain is open on Shabbat, that means that they  pressure workers to work on Shabbat, and   cause them to violate Shabbat too.  The pressure of making a living eventually overrides all other considerations. This is a known fact, and happens all the time, in other countries and also here in Israel. 

If this issue bother you as it does me, then we need to boycott Shufersal all over the country.  If not, then by buying in this chain we are helping them to violate Shabbat! There are many branches of this supermarket which are open on Shabbat.  I will not buy anything from this company store any longer. I hope that you will join me!    

Why do we need this?  Israel is a special country and one of the attractions is that we have a complete day of Rest, Shabbat.   It is not necessary to have supermarkets open on Shabbat.  If we have supermarkets open on Shabbat, then the smaller stores will want to open so they don't lose money. The logical conclusion will be that  Israel will be even worse than other countries in working conditions, because we already work six days, and then we will have seven days of work without any break.  The millionaire families will not voluntarily close their stores at all.  

Is this the society that we want?  I don't think so. The Jewish State has to reflect Jewish values and one of the most important Jewish value is the sanctity of Shabbat.  The greed for more money has a limit, the greed of more selling has a limit.  The limit is that one day out of  Seven  we stop buying and selling.   

I sign my name: 
Rachael Alice Orbach

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