Sunday, February 5, 2017

Provide Bike Paths and Safe bike parking!

If World leaders are really serious about cutting down on the amount of pollution, then the next logical step would be for all the nations of the world to provide bike paths on all streets and safe bike parking lots.

This is necessary to reduce the amount of people who would drive cars for short trips inside cities.
One of the main reasons that people don't exchange their cars for bikes is that it can be very dangerous for people to ride bikes in the same lanes as cars.  Car drivers don't watch out for bikes and if they do see a bike they beep at the bike rider.  I have even been yelled at when I am riding my electric bike by drivers.

"Get off the road," yelled a man who was driving a beat up station wagon one day when I was riding to my job teaching at "Lenegen bKef" in Binyan Clall in center Jerusalem.

What type of behavior is this?

There is one bike lane down Yaffo street, but it ends at the Shuk Machne Yehuda.  The school is a bit further than that, so I have to ride on the sidewalk, as there is no street for cars there, only the train tracks.

The other problem is lack of safe places to park a bike.  The place near Binyan Clall, which is put in a corner is dark and out of the way, Yes, there are guards at Binyan Clall, but not one of them can see the place where you are supposed to park the bike, and when MY bike was stolen, all I found was a handbreadth wide piece of the lock.  It must have taken the thief at least 10 minutes to cut the lock and did anyone see him?  Did anyone report it to the Police?

The silence is deafening.

So, if World leaders are serious, they have to set an example and take care of these problems.  Not waste time on Twitter.